Saturday, September 7, 2019

Private jet charter vs Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership is perhaps the most recent method of private aviation travel. In such an arrangement, you own a portion of a jet fleet, along with other owners. And the price you pay is determined by the amount of hours you fly. This means that you also get to share the cost of maintenance and staff with other co-owners. That said, there may be some disadvantages for you, compared to a jet charter.
A private jet charter allows you to enjoy all the benefits of private air travel, without any up-front costs or maintenance fees. Everything is taken care of for you. You are only required to pay for the service.

For the most part, an on-demand private jet charter works similar to your typical airline.1) You schedule a flight, 2) walk into a terminal, 3) then take the trip to your destination.

But what makes it differ from your standard commercial carrier is that you do not have to worry about any security pat-downs, long flight lines, or the endless wait for your luggage. Instead, upon scheduling and paying for the flight cost, all you need to do is enter, wait, and board. And most of the time, you get to leave as quickly as possible.

That said, you do not necessarily need to own an aircraft to make use of the service. The most prominent hurdle is finding a broker where you can book the flight. But with online applications and options, finding the right plane no longer seems to be a challenge.