Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simple lessons for getting and given the love you deserve!

Let me tell you something, this little book, that has been written 12 years ago, changed my perspective on many things. It helped me to look at life in another way and dealing with people as well.

I personally think every human being alive should read this book at some point in their lives, if they truly want to understand how to acquire and maintain "abundant love" around them. I read it and read it again. I promise you, it is the best spending you will ever invest for the future of your loving relationships. Unfortunately the book is out of print and the only way to read it is to buy an used book.

Basically this is the summary of the secrets of "abundant love":

1 - The Power Of Thought : Choose loving thoughts.
2 - The Power Of Respect : Learn to respect yourself and others.
3 - The Power Of Giving: Focus on what you can give rather than on what you can take.
4 - The Power Of Friendship: To find love, first find a friend.
5 - The Power Of Touch: Hug people. Open your arms and you open your heart.
6 - The Power Of Letting Go: Let go of fears, prejudices and judgements.
7 - The Power Of Communication: Communicate your feelings.
8 - The Power Of Commitment: Be committed- make love your number one priority.
9 - The Power Of Passion: Live with passion.
10 - The Power Of Trust: Trust others, trust yourself and trust life.

References of the book:

ISBN - 0-06-104422-9 Adam J. Jackson "TEN SECRETS of ABUNDANT LOVE" published on September 1996