Thursday, September 5, 2013

Marriage and jobs need hard work and love

A job, it seems to me, is a lot like a marriage.
People tend not to congratulate you when you trade your new spouse for a newer model.
Yet almost everyone thinks quitting the old job for a new one marks progress of some sort. It shows ambition, imagination, courage and so on.

A lasting job should be seen as a sign of success, just as a lasting marriage is.

I have come up with my own system for knowing if a job is worth hanging on to.
I share my system below:

- The people are nice (most of them)
- The work is often interesting.
- There is the right amount of it - plenty, not too much
- There is the chance to do different things.
- People sometimes say THANK YOU.

That's it!

The reflection on this article leads me to another unfashionable similarity between a job and a marriage.
The secret of success lies in reasonable expectations.