Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Using Mobile Technology in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by Jose Ferreiro

Integrating mobile technology into an organization's CRM systems enables the organization to increase its responsiveness to customers. There are three key concepts to consider before creating a strategy for integrating mobile technology into an existing CRM system.

Key concepts of mobile CRM

Mobile devices build CRM databases
Customer information received through mobile devices can add to CRM databases. A part of Knowledge management (KM) and CRM integration is the constant addition of information to the searchable repository.

When you develop mobile CRM, you can use every mobile device as one more point of contact with your customers. So, for every query made via a mobile device, customers provide data which gets added to the CRM bank.
Customer opt-in leads to CRM penetration 
Many mobile providers require customers to choose to opt-in when subscribing, or to give their permission to receive offers and advertisements via their mobile devices. This additional point of contact allows for deeper CRM system penetration. In other words, more information can be passed back and forth to your customers.

This new channel for customers to receive messages, offers, deals, and ads can quickly add up in sales figures or brand recognition.
Personal technology increases CRM value 
Many mobile device users regard their phone as a much more personal device than, for example, their e-mail or their television. That's why the one-to-one personal nature of mobile technology increases its value.

Receiving a message through a mobile device taps into that personal nature of the technology. People are less likely to immediately dismiss a message via their mobile device. This enables mobile CRM to make a personal connection with the customer.

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