Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pattent trolling

I heard from the first time about this term “Patent troll” at a conference about competitive intelligence in Paris.
Indeed patents are often used as a PKI in different companies to illustrate their capacity to innovate or about the “status of art” within their R&D department.

Pattent trolling describes people or companies that misuse patents as a business strategy to weak its competitors by the use of third parties. Such a company (or third party) can then launch lawsuits against infringing, or simply hold the patent without planning to practise the idea in an attempt to keep other companies productivity at a standstill. It is even often the case that the company that has been attacked is obliged to put on the table confidential information in front of a judge. All this goes well when you are at the level of a unique country.
However, things become more complex when those information must be supplied to foreign countries where the impartiality/corruption might be at stake.

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