Monday, April 11, 2011

As an IT Architect how do you measure success (II)?

In respect to what KPI your organization follows or not, The simplest way for IT architect (matters any Architect) to measure his/her success is:

1) Develop your growth plan for short term and long term, what and where you want to be.
2) Knowledge Acquisition in changing business demands.
3) Build a design or solutions were all business elements (People process and Technology) are met and bridge all the gaps.
4) Achieve excellency in your work to gain buy-in for all your plans and designs.
5) Request Testimonial/Recommendations for your work (efforts are useless if you're not appreciated).

If you are done with above, you are on TOP success list, rest will follow :)


Jose Ferreiro said...

This is relevant: "Making Architecture Success Visible " :

Jose Ferreiro said...

Check out this open framework

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) is a framework for enterprise architecture which provides a comprehensive approach for designing, planning, implementation, and governance of an enterprise information architecture.


Jose Ferreiro said...

"Communication", get right need input from customers or potencial customers, get right business requirement analyzed, get right goals between stakeholders, give right training and guildlines to stakeholders on architecture, have stakeholders had right understanding on architecture, implements system rightly according to the architecture, get latest information from stakeholders to make right decision on change and evolving to existing architecture. Especially in a complex global organizations, one decision has to be made by a lot of managers distributed in a lot of locations in different countries. There are inconsistency, duplications, wastings, errors and technique debt on architecture if communication is not done well.