Thursday, May 5, 2011

Extract all text from a PowerPoint presentation for translation purposes

Within the framework of my work I have been asked to translated a powerpoint presentation as I am the only native person speaking the 'target' language.

However, at my biggest surprise I got not text but a powerpoint presentation!!!!
The presentation had full of boxes with text up and down....
I could not imagine a single moment to edit the translation and copy and paste every box
I needed all this text into another format ideally text format for further manipulation and usage of a translator engine to further speed the work.

It should be definitely another way to perform this task.


The simpliest way I found is to
Open your powerpoint, save it as a pdf, then open the pdf file with Acrobat Reader and save the file as TXT [Save As Type to Text (Plain) (*.txt).]

Hope this trick helps someone!

Have a great day.

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